Medical Devices

GMU-12-004 Artificial Body Part Control System
Prosthetic Control System using Miniaturized Ultrasound Imaging Transducers and Image Analysis

GMU-18-006 Personalized “Recovery Avatar” To Regulate Substance Craving in Real-Time
Sensor-based Device providing real-time bio-behavioural data alerts for Mind-health

GMU-18-008 Collapsible Collection Vessel
Disposable Device with Integrated Hydrogel Nanoparticles for Diagnostic Testing

GMU-20-002 Triggered Collapse Platform
Device to Produce Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (mTBI) in Murine Models with High Reproducibility

GMU-20-008 Wearable Muscle Fatigue/Recovery Monitor
Wearable wireless device incorporating low power ultrasonics monitors muscle function

GMU-23-007 Wearable Ultrasound Imaging
Flexible Wearable Ultrasound Musculo-skeletal Imaging in Real-Time

Pharmaceuticals and Therapeutics

GMU-11-037 Simultaneous Multifiber Solid-Phase Microextraction (Simulti-SPME)
An apparatus & method for the collection and analysis of volatile organic components

GMU-15-018 Anti-biofilm Peptide
A cost-effective anti-microbial and anti-biofilm treatment for chronic, non-healing wounds

GMU-20-004 SHREK Proteins as Anti-Virions
Use of SHREK proteins to inactivate viral infectivity and to produce live-attenuated vaccines against viruses

GMU-21-015 Reagent for Lateral Flow Immunoassays for PoC Testing of Disease Markers
LFI antigen testing reagent buffer that provides strong analytical sensitivity, which can be produced domestically from available chemicals