Wireless & Sensor Based Technology

GMU-08-026 Wireless Communications Using Frequency Agile Radio
Technology that increases spectrum usage by utilizing unused licensed spectrum

GMU-21-014 Advanced Situational Awareness for Automated Connected Vehicles
Improved Automated Vehicle Obstacle Detection in Bad Weather and/or Low Light

GMU-21-029 Predicting Potential Vehicle Ramming Attacks
Detection and Damage Mitigation of Vehicular Ramming Attacks

GMU-21-030 Digital Aroma Identifier
Gas Sensor Arrays Combine with Pattern Recognition and AI to Provide Real-Time Aroma Identification

Civil Engineering

GMU-15-022 Multi-Stage Method of Generating 3D Civil Site Surveys
An effective method for producing precise, detailed, highly dense and photorealistic 3D models for civil site surveys

GMU-20-014 Dynamic Low Visibility Pneumatic Cofferdam
Portable pneumatic cofferdams that provide “on-demand” protection from undesired water or floods

Electrical & Computer Engineering

GMU-09-015 Nanowire Field Effect Junction Diode
An efficient way to integrate nanowires with field effect diode structure for optical-to-electric energy and signal conversion

GMU-10-028 Rate-Based Congestion Controller for Routers
Technology for reducing internet congestion and providing faster file transfers

GMU-15-015 Mechanical and Electrical Generators and Sensors
Mechano-electric generators that convert energy from human body movement for use in portable devices

GMU-20-010 Human-Machine Hybrid Model to Classify Pill Shapes
Pill Classification using Computer Modeling Technique

System Engineering & Transportation

GMU-16-021 “Nowcasting” Airplane Landing Approach Stability
Breakthrough Solution to Avoid Unnecessary Aborted Airplane Landings

GMU-17-010 Electronic Control Unit Security For Motor Vehicles
Fast & Secure Electronic Control Units To Add Security to Now Insecure Intra-Vehicle Networks

GMU-20-016 Method for Coordinating Traffic Lights and Reducing Traffic Congestion
Method to eliminate or minimize traffic congestion by substantially reducing red light wait time while maximizing traffic flow