IT & Cybersecurity


GMU-17-009 Age Invariant Face Recognition Using Convolutional Neural Networks and Set Distances
Robust systems and methods for facial recognition that use deep-learning and convolutional neural networks

GMU-21-022 Finger PIN
Integrated Knowledge & Biometrics-Based Authentication factors Create a Fingerprint-Based PIN (FingerPIN)

GMU-23-024 Biometrics Based on Fingertip Sweat
Hyperspectral Imaging of Fingertip Sweat to Build Spoof-Proof Biometric Profiles


GMU-07-016 Authentication of Continuous Data Streams Without Communication Overhead
A method to provide data stream authentication without altering data contents

GMU-07-021 Data Encryption & Fragmentation Technique
Technology designed to be used in enterprise software to encrypt & fragment personal data for security purposes

GMU-11-007 Artificial Malware Software Immunization
Real-time detection of malware attacks and live malware forensics

GMU-11-027 Cipher X-Ray
Capable of recovering hidden code and secrets of sophisticated malware

GMU-12-014 Methods & Systems for Determining Hardening Strategies
A new strategy to reduce network vulnerabilities

GMU-17-010 Electronic Control Unit Security For Motor Vehicles
Fast & Secure Electronic Control Units To Add Security to Now Insecure Intra-Vehicle Networks

GMU-18-012 System Call Reduction for Malware Prevention
A system that enhances security of the cloud systems and offeres defensive capabilities against malicious attacks

GMU-22-014 Vehicle Controller Area Network (CAN) Bus With Improved Real-Time Anomaly Detection
Graph Neural Network (GNN) Machine Learning Detects CAN Bus Message Attacks in Real Time


GMU-17-005 Personalized Medication Advice from Database
Selecting Medication Based on Genetic Profile

GMU-18-021 Automated Screening for Substance Abuse
Substance Abuse Screening Based on Medical History